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About Bladed.

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Alexa Menard


 I can truly say with pride how great I feel to own my business on Cape Cod. I always get asked the question "How did you get into Microblading"?


Honestly, making a decision based on what I was inspired by became a bit of a battle for me as I was figuring out my place in the world. I challenged my thinking in what career path to "choose" because I knew that absolutely anything I put my mind to I would focus all of my time and energy to and become as successful as imagined I could be. It's heartwarming and rewarding in itself to have built great friendships with many of my clients and I hope that I will continue building rapport with many new clients in my future.


From the start, I developed a niche for simple brow shaping. My inspiration grew with the help of compliments from fellow students and teachers during aesthetics school. From there, I was quickly named the "brow god" for my apparent and effortless distinction between each individual's eyebrow goals. Once I got my aesthetics license, I did some research on newer trends in the cosmetic field and came across Microblading. Since completing my certification, I have been thoroughly enjoying it for the last 4 years. It is more than inspiring to be able to take my artistic ability and use it to create beautiful natural brows for so many different people.


My mission when I created Bladed was simple...just like the name I chose. My goal is to provide high-quality services for my valued clients.


I find great joy and satisfaction in going above and beyond for my clients. I listen and cater to my clients specific needs and wants while maintaining open communication, honesty, efficiency, and expectation. 


I am honored to work towards creating a stepping stone of induced confidence for my clients while forming lasting relationships. I will never stop striving to create a safe and comfortable environment for all to feel at ease!

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