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Marble Surface


Please read thoroughly and carefully and initial or sign where indicated.

  • A FREE 15-30 minute consultation is strongly recommended prior to having the microblading service. 


  • The cost of the microblading procedure is $400 per session- two sessions are required as the second session is a touch up & “detail work” session. Following sessions are for enhancement. 


  • A $120 deposit (on debit/credit card) is required to schedule your microblading appointment(s), but it will only be applied toward your final total on the day of appointment. This is non-refundable as we are reserving a large time slot for you.


  • If you cancel (with less than 36 hours in advance) or do not show for any reason, your retainer fee will NOT be refunded.


  • We understand that schedules sometimes change and circumstances arise. If you do still wish to reschedule your appointment under the 36 hrs, you will pay the $120 retainer fee but it will NOT go towards your next appointment. 


  • Scheduled appointments for the touch up procedure require 36 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling under the same guidelines as stated above. Touch up appointments when performed within 8 weeks after the initial session are $400. Outside the 8 weeks, or if appointments are missed without notice, an additional charge of $75 will be incurred (on top of $300) for a missed appointment. 


_______ I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the policies. 

_______ I understand that if I cancel or miss this appointment, I give permission to be charged the $120 deposit/retainer fee.

_______ I understand that if I need to reschedule any of my appointments, I must give a minimum of 36 hours notice to keep my retainer/deposit fee active.


By signing this form, I am acknowledging that I have read and fully understand the policies and fees. Any questions I have regarding this form have been answered and explained to me. 


Client Printed Name __________________________________________

Client Signed Name __________________________________________ Date ______________

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